I Guess It Was a Vacation After All

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Since we decided not to go on a vacation this year we went to Louisville, Kentucky with Ray.  He has to spend a week at Southern Seminary every so often in seminars while he works on his doctorate. While he worked and studied we spent lots of time playing. The girls researched lots of really fun places to visit in the area. Carmichael’s Bookstore The Lincoln Birthplace National Park Sunset over Lousiville The Coolest Tree in Louisville is at the … Continue Reading

Charles Spurgeon: A Life of Reading and Writing Pt. 1

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I have often asked leaders how they spend their time. Realizing that their success is inseparably connected to their daily disciplines, I am interested in their schedule. It is always the case that excellent leaders are diligent readers. The work ethic of the British Baptist pastor Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) is well known. Spurgeon would often work eighteen hours a day. Yet it was not his work ethic alone that created the man that is still so honored. His reading fueled … Continue Reading

27 Years of Knowing: An Anniversary Recollection

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August 15, 1987 I was late. You were waiting. It didn’t seem to matter. Off we went, new friends headed to an evening of food and dancing. We were in for a surprise. Something happened. Perhaps it was a little bit like Emile de Becque and Ensign Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. They met at a dance and they knew. It does not always happen like that, does it? But did we know something, on that enchanted evening? Did we worry, as … Continue Reading

Colossians Three

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This Summer our church was charged to memorize the entire chapter of Colossians three. I had wanted to do something like that with the girls but the whole church setting about to do it added a little fire to the effort. If I had just told my family, “We’re going to memorize a large chunk of Scripture in the month of July.” They would have attempted half-heartedly and stopped after I got tired of pushing. So with some very cute … Continue Reading

Reading to Change Your Life

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You are a reader. You read because you want to change in some way. I offer you an additional way of reading that does not require too much extra time. I assume that you have a main book that you are reading. You may have several main books (I do). By your main reading I mean that you are regularly working from beginning to end through a book. Not that you necessarily read every word, but you are dipping into the book enough to … Continue Reading

Purposeful Reading

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Teach me, O LORD, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end. Psalm 119:33 King David was a man in pursuit of knowledge. However, his passion for knowledge was not that he might write books, give lectures, and be regarded as an expert on truth; He desired knowledge that he might follow God. Knowledge is vital but knowledge that is not implemented does not produce change.  Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great puts it like … Continue Reading

Enjoying Your Books

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A section from my library Sometimes I take a tour of my library just for a fresh look at my books. All of them have a story beyond the message of the book. Many were purchased while rummaging through old bookstores with a friend. Musty smells of bookstores come to mind mixed with the sweet aroma of friendship. I have purchased books from library sales, retail stores, outlet malls and mail order catalogues. Many books have been given to me … Continue Reading

Reading as a Means of Loving People

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I typically do not dip much into business books. After reading Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders, that may change. When the book was published, Sanders was the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!. I learned of the book through another excellent book, What’s Best Next by Matt Perman (Zondervan, 2014). Perman points to chapter two, “Knowledge” in Sanders’ book. In this chapter Sanders encourages business relationships that are focused on building a stronghold … Continue Reading

The Question Was…

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How do you get your children to come to tell you things that they had done that they know they shouldn’t have done? For example – We knew our mom wouldn’t have wanted us to skateboard at this particular place without a helmet. She had never actually said, “You must wear a helmet when you skateboard there.” But we knew it was something she would have wanted us to do. We just didn’t tell her so that she wouldn’t actually … Continue Reading

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